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zencontrol Smart Driver with Screw Terminals


zencontrol Smart Driver with Screw Terminals

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A DALI-2 driver, that can be upgraded and converted into multiple types of LED ballasts.

Has terminals for Luminaire installation only.

Save Overall Cost with Dual Luminaire

The zencontrol Smart Driver is capable of running dual luminaries. When configured this way, the project cost of the drivers is halved, as there is only one drive required for every two lights.

Configure one driver for every 2 lights when the LEDs are 20W or less. With two LED lights connected the driver will assign generate two DALI addresses with each LED will have its own DALI address.

Configure one driver per LED light when the LEDs are between 20W and 40W (maximum).

Save Costs with Plug in Sensors

The zencontrol 5m and 8m smart driver sensors are lower cost than the standard zencontrol 5m and 8m sensors. Save cost by switching to the smart driver accessory sensors.

Increase design flexibility with the number of sensors on the design, as the plug in sensors do not draw from the DALI power supply, instead they are power from the mains connected Smart Driver.

Connect Mains Rated Switches or Sensors

A zencontrol Smart driver has a switch active input which can be used with mains rated switches or sensors as a DALI-2 input device. This gives the installation flexibility with its design and also serves to reduce overall cost.

The switches input can be wired to support the following:

  • A mains rated on / off switch

  • A mains rated momentary switch

  • A mains switching sensor (supporting any technology)

  • A mains switching control system input

  • For installations which connect to a DALI control system and set the control device address, the switch or sensor will operate as a fully configurable DALI edition 2 device (IEC62386-301 / 302 / 303) which can be used by the connected control system.

DALI-2 Compliant

Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that connected devices behave as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the system life cycle.

The zc-driver has been built for compliance with IEC62386 and IEC62386 edition 2. Push buttons, switches and sensors connected through the zc-driver additionally comply with the particular requirements for each class of input devices.

Additionally the driver supports automatic emergency self test compliance according to IEC62386-102.

DALI compliance does not just benefit zencontrol systems. DALI compliance provides a more reliable and simpler commissioning process on all DALI control systems.


IEC 61347-1
IEC 61347-2-7
IEC 61347-2-13
AS/NZS 61347-1
AS/NZS 2293.3

As a standalone room controller

The driver contains inputs for switches, and local sensors that can either be used stand alone, in a small connected system, or as a greater DALI 2.0 solution.

Power Monitoring

The driver comes with DALI-2 inbuilt power monitoring support, for delivering analytics back to the cloud.