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DALI-2 Smart Switch Rotary

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Smart Switch Rotary with programmable RGB illuminated back lighting and in-built temperature sensor.

Supports both DALI-2 wired and wireless applications.


  • DALI-2 wired mode with 2 mA DALI line current
  • Standalone DALI broadcast or standalone bluetooth wireless
  • Wireless bridge to DALI-2 wired mode
  • Up to 64 units per DALI line

  • Black and white finishes available

  • Tactile large knob for user accessibility

  • Selectable actions with DALI Application Controller
  • Large range of RGB colours to set backlight LED indicator
  • In-built temperature sensor



Fixing centres 84 mm
Fits on standard C-clip bracket
Dimensions W 75mm / H 117mm / D 34mm


Supply 220 - 240V
Control system

IEC62386-104 over Thread / DALI-2

Radio support

IEEE 802.15.4

Frequency ban

2.4 GHz

Max radio tx power

+8 dBm

DALI line current



1-4 mm2

Strip 8-10mm

Operating temperature

0 to 55°C


PC UV Stabilised, toughened glass, alumnium

Ingree protection


Compliance Standards

IEC 61347-2-11


IEC 62386-301




Configuration Options


The smart switches can be used on a standalone DALI-2 network, or a standalone wireless bluetooth network for small configurations and simple systems. Configure button functionality and status colour via bluetooth smart phone.

Wired mode

The smart switch can be wired to a DALI-2 wired network as a DALI-2 switch. Button functionality and LED status colours are programmed through a central head end.

Wireless control system as a switch input

Similar to wired mode, but without cables. Connect to a wireless application controller and configure button functionality and LED status colours through a central head end.

Wireless control system as a bridge

The same functionality as a the wireless system, however with the ability to connect wired DALI-2 devices to the switch and have those DALI-2 devices appear and be programmed on the wireless network.