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Smart Switch Display

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zencontrols smartest Touchpanel wall switch to date offers endless possibilities at your fingertips.

Full-colour 4" touch screen

800 x 400 resolution
High-quality touch screen with capacitive touch interface, visual feedback.

New button control

Our new zencontrol SSD allows for more customisation. Each button is now a flexible button container which allows greater customisation, more control and greater flexibility.

  • A button container can be broken into multiple segments allowing for more actions from a single button
  • Each segment can now be customised with our icon library or replaced with custom text
  • Multistate buttons allow a button container to work together a track multiple scenes or states

Flexible button containers can be setup into 4, 3, 2, or single segments allowing high levels of customisation.

New sliders

Our new slider widget allows for greater control and flexibility.

  • Change the colouration of the slider to indicate colours (single or dual colour configurations)
  • Uses sliders and buttons in the same switch container

Create rooms

Rooms provide a way to group controls together providing a better user experience.

  • Each room contains 4 button containers
  • Customise each room to contain controls suitable for that environment
  • Add scenes, control for fans, air conditioning or other lighting into a single room

Easy to use

Intuitive design makes this Smart Switch easy to use and set up. Each switch functions as a DALI 2 pushbutton or absolute input and allows for Single-button dimmer control, Action Switches, Toggle switch and Sequence actions.

Get Creative

Customise up to 16 buttons over 4 pages, 100+ icons and custom labels, Name your buttons whatever you want within 15 characters.

Inbuilt proximity sensor  automatically wakes the screen

Wake the screen from sleep mode by bringing your hand close to the screen.

Other Features

  • Multiple scenes and setups available
  • Simple Cloud commissioning
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Glass and anodized aluminium in a smooth matte black finish 
  • Up to 5 units per DALI line
  • Minimal DALI current consumption, 2 mA DALI line current
  • Available as wired DALI, wireless or can act as a wireless bridge between wireless and wired installations.