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Plug in PIR Lux sensor 8m for Smart Driver


Plug in PIR Lux sensor 8m for Smart Driver

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8 m PIR and lux sensor, expansion kit for zc-smart-driver.

  • Plug-in expansion for Smart driver range*

  • Functions as IEC62386-304 light level sensor

  • Functions as IEC62386-303 occupancy sensor

  • Ideal for built-in sensor and light fitting solutions

  • Inbuilt IR for commissioning and custom controls

  • Light control based on ambient light and motion detection

  • Registers on DALI network as fully DALI compliant input device

  • Optional external recessed and surface mounts available

  • Adds < 50 mW additional power consumption to driver

  • No additional DALI line current, allowing a sensor to be connected to every light fitting if required.

Includes RJ12 connection cable, 900 mm.