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Plug-in Emergency Smart Spot for Smart Driver

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Requires the zencontrol Smart Driver.

The zencontrol Smart driver has an inbuilt battery charger and emergency LED driver allowing the addition of smart emergency add-ons, including powering a DALI emergency spit fire.


Supply voltage Powered from zc-smart-driver-em*
Classification 3
Wiring Plug-in loom
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Ingress protection IP20
Material PC (body)
Mounting Recessed
Cut-out Ø 44 – 45 mm
Rated duration 3 hours
Voltage 120 lm
Testing Standalone Self test
DALI Self test
Code zc-batt-1500mah
Type LiFeP04
Voltage 6.4V
Type Smart charge
Time 16 hours
Operation Multi-state
Compliance standards IEC 60598-2-22
IEC 62034
IEC 62386-202


Kit content

1 W, Emergency non-maintained spot expansion kit for zc-smart-driver-em*
Wide area lens
Corridor mode lens
RJ12 connection cable, 900 mm
1500 mAh, 2 cell, LiFePO4 battery, with holder


Can be used with the zencontrol PIR sensor kit, for surface mounting.

DALI Monitored Emergency

When using a smart plug-in emergency option, the driver supports IEC62386-202, device type 1 allowing for emergency testing and management. Additionally, the driver can perform as a self-test unit or in standalone configuration.

As the emergency and standard LED driver is in the same product, only one DALI address is consumed, lowering the cost of additional control system components.

The Smart Driver can additionally run up to one 40W LED light, or up to two LED lights that are 20W or less.

The following benefits are achieved by using the smart driver with the plug in emergency blade:

  • Less DALI addresses as the emergency and standard lighting share the same address

  • Configuration of a Smart Driver into an emergency device is simple and easy, as the blade just plugs in and don’t require an additional address

  • Emergency testing can still be performed without affecting the normal lighting

  • Lower standby power

  • Lithium batteries

  • Lower overall power consumption as devices are converged

  • Lower failure rate in the building as less devices are installed

  • Lower commissioning cost as there are less addresses

  • Lower overall cost


Lithium Batteries

Environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are used on the Smart driver reducing the effects of heavy and highly polluting material found in Cadmium and Lead Acid batteries.

Smart battery charging technology ensures the battery is charged quickly after discharge but also reduces the overall power consumption as the charger remains in a standby state only topping up the battery when required.

This smart technology allows up to 10 years of battery life on some configurations. As a result of the Smart charger and technology in the zencontrol Smart driver, the overall power consumption is dramatically less than competing products.