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Full Featured DALI Room Controller

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Compatible with DALI and DALI-2

Simple linking of rooms / groups with SELV inputs

Automatic commissioning of standard features

Zero commission for basic building

10 SELV switch inputs for local lighting control

Built in DALI power supply

Up to three lighting circuits (any phase)

Upgradeable to match changes in DALI standards


  • 10 SELV switch inputs

  • Serial interface, supporting SCI mode 1

  • Two volt-free outputs

  • 10x switched relay outputs

  • Three lighting circuits

  • DALI power supply inbuilt

  • DALI application controller inbuilt

  • Ethernet 10/100

  • 10 channel output

  • Automatic DALI grouping

  • System relay / emergency test contact

  • Room control mode

  • Real time clock

  • BACnet (upgradeable)

  • KNX (upgradeable)