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1500mA Battery for Emergency Device


1500mA Battery for Emergency Device

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Order code: zc-batt-1500mah
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Replacement 1500mA Battery for emergency lighting


Code zc-batt-1500mah
Type LiFeP04
Voltage 6.4V


Lithium Batteries

Environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are used on the Smart driver reducing the effects of heavy and highly polluting material found in Cadmium and Lead Acid batteries.

Smart battery charging technology ensures the battery is charged quickly after discharge but also reduces the overall power consumption as the charger remains in a standby state only topping up the battery when required.

This smart technology allows up to 10 years of battery life on some configurations. As a result of the Smart charger and technology in the zencontrol Smart driver, the overall power consumption is dramatically less than competing products.